Dawg Gone It offers a variety of services depending on what you need for your dog:

  • Do you want somewhere for your dog to play during the day? We offer doggie daycare, with playgroups separated by size, to let your furry friend let off some energy while you’re busy.
  • Do you need somewhere for your dog to spend the day, but WITHOUT interacting with other dogs? We offer day lodging, where your dog will stay in a private suite with a cot, water bowl, and whatever toys you prefer to bring.
  • Are you going on vacation or a business trip? We offer overnight lodging so you have confidence that your dog is happy, healthy, and safe while you’re away.

At Dawg Gone It, we believe in an activity-based stay, so we offer a menu of add-on activities (exercises, pampering, etc.) to allow you to customize the perfect stay for your pup! Read on to learn more.