Some dogs fall asleep every night dreaming of being a member of a pack. If your dog loves the company of other dogs, then DGI’s daycare is definitely the place to be. Daycare is a great option for people who are going to be busy all day but want their dog to have fun, get exercise, and enjoy socialization with other dogs instead of lying around the house. Some dogs come in on occasion, but many dogs come in on a regular basis while their people are at work or running errands. Whatever your need, daycare is a great way to give your dog a more active life, both physically and socially. Give your pup the chance to make some new doggie friends!

Some dogs love to run and wrestle, and some dogs love to just hang with their friends. Most dogs alternate between play and rest from the time they’re dropped off until it’s time to go home!

Depending on the day, we sometimes mix it up to give the dogs a different experience. Some dogs LOVE playing with toys, so we’ll have a day with toys. (Not every day; some dogs are better at sharing than others.) Another fun thing we do is blow bubbles, but not just ANY bubbles: BACON FLAVORED BUBBLES FOR DOGS!

DGI has over 3,000 square feet of play space which is fully indoors to ensure that all dogs are protected from the elements. All dogs that attend DGI daycare first complete a temperament evaluation to ensure that they are not aggressive. Play groups are separated by size so that small dogs aren’t in with the gigantic dogs, and groups are monitored at all times by our trained staff to maintain the safest possible environment for your pet.

In addition to daily pricing, we also have multi-session packages at a discount for our regulars. Take a look!

*All dogs that stay or play at Dawg Gone It must have up-to-date vaccinations, be on an effective flea and tick preventative, and we have restrictions on unspayed and unneutered dogs depending on the dog’s age. Please call for details.

*Reservations Required