Day Lodging

Some dogs prefer the company of people over other dogs. For these discerning doggies, DGI offers day lodging. This is the perfect solution for tourists who would like a few hours (pet free) for sightseeing or locals who need a dog-free day for home repairs or any other reason: just drop your dog off for […]

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Some dogs fall asleep at night dreaming of being a member of a pack. If your dog loves other dogs, then DGI’s daycare is definitely the place to be. DGI has over 3,000 square feet of play space which is fully indoors to ensure that all dogs are protected from the elements. Play groups are […]

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Overnight Lodging

At DGI, each dog we care for stays in a luxury dog suite in our lodging area. In addition to a private room, we believe an activity-based stay creates the most rewarding experience for your dog. We offer a variety of exercise and pampering options (as well as package deals) so that you can customize […]

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