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If your dawg is a social butterfly and truly loves the company of other dogs then DGI’s daycare is definitely the place to be. Here at Dawg Gone It, we believe that daycare is a place for social dogs to come play and have fun. It is NOT a place for aggressive dogs or dogs not comfortable in group settings to learn how to be social. All dogs that attend Dawg Gone It daycare have completed an evaluation temperament test to ensure that they are not aggressive.  Just like with children at a playground, doggie daycare can be rough and tumble. With Dawg Gone It’s policies and trained staff we strive to create the safest possible environment for your pet.  (*Reservations required)


For those dawgs who prefer the company of people over dogs and group play, DGI offers day lodging. This is a perfect solution for those visiting the Monterey Peninsula with their dog but would like a few hours (pet free) for a sightseeing excursion or shopping spree. Day lodging is also a great fit for anything from home repairs to a house full of guests where you can drop your dog off with us for an hour to a full day of fun. With DGI’s Concierge Service you can customize many wonderful activities for your dog to do while you are busy during the day. (* Call for room availability)


(*Reservations required)

Here at DGI we believe an activity based stay creates the most rewarding lodging experience for your dog. With our Concierge Service you can customize a safe, fun and memorable experience for your pet. In between his playtime and pampering your dog will rest and relax in his comfortable, private room.



Whether it’s fetching a ball, catching a Frisbee or tug-o-war, a qualified staff member will play with your pet with personalized attention.


Sometimes a Dawg prefers the sites of the town and the chance to sniff a tree or hydrant. If your pet enjoys his daily walk around the block we would be glad to take him on a tour of the neighborhood.


Every Dawg loves those special quality times when they are pampered, cuddled and petted. If this sounds like your pets favorite activity we will arrange for a staff member to devote some private TLC time with your dog.

Here at DGI, we have found that some dogs simply love to be brushed. Let one of our staff spend some quality quiet time pampering your pet just before lights-out.

Room service delivers a homemade yogurt treat flavored with fruit or a special seasonal treat right to your pet’s suite.



(*Reservations required)