Dawg Gone It is built in a mixed-use neighborhood directly adjacent to residential areas with houses and apartment buildings. For this reason, we agreed with the neighborhood to keep all doggie play areas inside our building. We offer either long or short outdoor walks that can be added to your dog’s stay.
Dawg Gone It has 2,300+ square feet of indoor space used for doggie group play. We always maintain at least two play groups separated by size. While many indoor dog care facilities have concrete floors in their playrooms, our playrooms have rubber floors, which is easier on your dog’s joints and less slippery to prevent injuries. Playgroups are monitored by humans at all times, and our playrooms can be reconfigured using moveable walls so that we can open up more space if we get more dogs to make sure everyone has enough room to have a good time. On our busiest days, we sometimes turn away dogs without appointments to make sure we keep our play groups at a manageable size to maintain safety.
The only crates we have in our facility are in our playrooms, and those crates are used only for our daycare lunch break (to make sure dogs don’t “borrow” each other’s lunches) or for a brief timeout if a dog gets overly excited during daycare and needs a moment to settle down. Lodging dogs that are signed up for group play go to their private suites for their lunch break.
Dawg Gone It has two large air exchangers on the roof that are constantly pulling fresh air from outside, filtering it, and exchanging it for air from inside the facility. We have vents located through the building in all space with emphasis on the playrooms and on the lodging area. We also have two large air conditioners on the roof to keep the temperature comfortable. In addition to these measures, we have two automated air freshener/deodorizer units installed in our HVAC system and we use an odor control spray in areas where dogs potty. The combination of all these measures keeps our indoor space healthy, comfortable, and clean.

Most guests at Dawg Gone It use our indoor potty rooms or the potty stations that we have set up in our playrooms. Potty stations include fake grass on top of a framework with a liner (and the occasional fake fire hydrant 😊). We have hundreds of dogs that come to us each week, and the vast majority are more than happy to use our indoor potty stations. We also have not had any problems with confusion once a dog goes home about whether it is okay to potty indoors. The dogs know the difference.

Some dogs, especially older dogs, stick to their training and will not potty indoors. In these cases, we take the dog on a brief “business walk” to take care of business outdoors. We keep a close eye on all dogs in our care to make sure they stay “regular,” and we keep notes on potty breaks so we have a complete history on the matter.

Keeping a clean facility is of paramount importance to maintaining the health of our guests. We use a cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer solution specially formulated for animal care along with our built-in wet/dry vacuum system to ensure a clean, healthy facility. We completely wash and disinfect our indoor playrooms at the end of each day where we offer daycare. We also wash and disinfect our indoor potty rooms and any area where a dog has had an accident (i.e., if an excited dog piddles in the lobby). In addition, we use the same solution and the wet/vac on the interior of every dog suite and on our dog cots after a dog has checked out and before the next dog is checked in.

We also have a commercial grade washer and dryer on-site to help us keep up with our laundry needs, which includes washing our artificial grass from our potty rooms, washing towels used to clean up accidents, and to wash soiled bedding/toys when the need arises.

Humans begin work at 6:30 a.m. every day to provide the first puppy potty break in the morning, and the last shift (and final potty break) of the day ends around 10:00 p.m.

Overnight, our canine guests are protected by a monitored security system that will automatically alert the authorities if there is an unauthorized intrusion, and a very sensitive, 24-hour heat and smoke detection system that automatically alerts the Fire Department when it is triggered. The nearest fire station is a short .4 mile drive from Dawg Gone It.

We administer oral or topical medications. There is no additional charge for administering medications.

We do not administer intravenous medications, and there are certain special needs that we feel would be better served through lodging with a veterinarian (for example, dogs with megaesophagus).